Vlašić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Log out to reconnect.

Join us for a two-day event filled with thought-provoking talks, engaging workshops, and open discussions on product development.
Take part in various well-being activities, all set in a breathtaking location that will surely leave you in awe.

The event is free and welcomes developers, product people, and designers involved in product development. We assure you that by the end of this event, you will feel revitalized, motivated, and prepared to tackle new challenges.

Are you ready to take a break from your desk and connect with like-minded professionals in a serene setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

Join us at the heart of the central region of Bosnia and Herzegovina for two days of immersive, hands-on workshops, networking, delicious cuisine, relaxing outdoor activities, and valuable well-being sessions.

We believe that tech events should go beyond just informative sessions and offer an experience of discovery and inspiration. Whether you are a Product Owner, Developer, or Designer, this is the perfect place to expand your horizons and gain fresh insights from industry speakers and peers alike. Explore a diverse range of topics that will enable you to form deeper connections with others in the industry.

During this weekend getaway, we will take care of all your essentials, from lodging to meals, so you can focus on acquiring new skills and connecting with individuals who share your passion.

Join us for an exciting opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on Product Development and gain practical and valuable insights on cultivating psychological safety, achieving financial stability, and refining your soft skills in the workplace.

With engaging discussions and hands-on activities, this retreat will be the perfect place to learn from industry experts and form meaningful connections with fellow attendees.

Expert-Led Well-being Consultations

We understand the importance of holistic growth and well-being, so we’re pleased to offer private consultations with expert coaches at our retreat. The topics will include mental health sessions, networking importance, as well as soft skills development.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to book a 15-minute session and receive personalized advice tailored to your needs. Whether you’re seeking guidance on improving your mental health or looking for tips on enhancing your networking capabilities, our experienced coaches are here to help. Book a consultation and gain valuable insights to empower you to take charge of your personal and professional growth.




Hotel Blanca Resort & Spa is located in the scenic setting of Babanovac, at the heart of the central region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, only an hour and a half drive from Banja Luka.

As a five-star hotel complex, Hotel Blanca Resort & Spa provides guests with access to luxurious rooms and suites and a wide range of facilities and activities both within and outside the hotel.

Let's party!

After we wrap up the workshops and sessions – it’s party time! Expect a truly unforgettable weekend experience filled with savory food, refreshing drinks, and awesome music -and all this in a fantastic setting!

FAQ and more information

Our business premises are situated at Meše Selimovića 57, 78 000, Banja Luka.

We’ve got you covered for your travel stay, meals, and drinks during the Logout Days event. Please note that the event organizers reserve the right to assign participants to rooms based on available capacity.

The Logout Days will be captured on film.

Please note that promotional materials, including photos and videos, will be produced at the Logout Days location. By attending the Logout Days, you consent to be photographed and filmed. Furthermore, by attending, you agree that all footage and material captured at the event may be used globally for promotional purposes related to the Logout Days. If you have any inquiries about filming at the Logout Days, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you.


Product owner

Anja has been a part of the tech industry for over eight years. Anja’s career path has been varied and exciting, spanning from NGO to IT and from project manager to scrum master, ultimately leading her to become a successful Product Owner.

Through her journey, Anja discovered that product management’s dynamic and complex nature aligns perfectly with her curious and innovative spirit, inspiring her to grow her career in this field. She is particularly drawn to the challenge of identifying problem areas and understanding end-users, which she believes are integral components of product management.


UI&UX Designer

Jovana is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats – she’s a mother, a woman, and an architect.  But that’s not all – Jovana is also a seasoned creator with years of experience in diverse creative fields, including architectural design, stage design, video production, branding, digital design, service development, research conducting, user experience analysis, and design management.

Her passion for advancing the role of architecture and creative disciplines in society, economy, and education is evident in everything she does. Jovana always brings her unique perspective and innovative ideas to the table.


Java Software Developer

Milan is a Software engineer with over five years of experience in software development. He is particularly interested in software development’s product/business side, where he can leverage his technical expertise to create innovative solutions that meet real-world needs and drive business success. During his career, he had a chance to work on implementing software solutions in different industries like insurance, banking, and e-commerce.

Yamen Hrekes

Yamen Hrekes has completed 5 years of Transactional Analysis training and holds the title of Practitioner of Transactional Analysis under supervision. He has also acquired the title of Integrative Psychotherapist under supervision and mentoring. He is an expert and educator in the field of migration and intercultural relations.

The psychotherapy directions that Yamen practices and researches not only benefit him professionally but also on a personal level. They allow him to develop his eclectic and authentic approach and to use a wider range of tools and methods in his work.

Alisa Lingo

Alisa Lingo owes her success as a trainer and coach to her extensive work experience gained through various corporate and SME positions. She conducts training and workshops in leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, and networking and continually strives to improve both herself and her participants during the sessions. Alisa has worked in large international companies specializing in sales, human resources, and management positions, including CEO, where she developed businesses locally and globally.

After a career of over 18 years in the corporate world, Alisa decided to start her own business in March 2022, by establishing the Golden Ratio Growth Center BiH, whose mission is to assist individuals and teams in enhancing their personal and professional performance. In the beginning of 2023, she became a partner of Alphabet Group and the director of the Sarajevo office.

Sandra Savanović Stevanović

With over two decades of experience in training, mentoring, coaching, and consulting teams and individuals, Sandra Savanović Stevanović has successfully trained more than 55.000 individuals across 30 countries. Her extensive work with small entrepreneurs and companies has earned her recognition as the best mentor in Southeastern Europe by the EBRD. Sandra’s expertise extends to the development and implementation of over 70 unique training programs and products.

Her areas of specialization encompass various domains such as Soft Skills, which involve communication, teamwork, leadership, and presentation skills. Additionally, she excels in facilitation and moderation, trainer training, individual and team coaching, and promoting entrepreneurship, particularly among young individuals and women.